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Denise is an asset to any team. Assuming the lead role in permit expediting for over 150 food service projects, in more than 10 cities, all within an 8 month period, Denise has solidified her posotion as our “go-to” partner for any all future jobs which require a consistent level expertise.
— Alexader M. Fazzino, AIA, Principal, Castles Design Group

Mercury Permits and Denise Reid in particular played an integral part of our expansion of Oak Haven Massage from San Antonio into the Austin market. She helped us navigate the murky waters of the Austin permitting process with a very high level of professionalism and expertise. Denise was always careful to explain each and every procedure and step to us along the way. I appreciated especially her follow through on every detail, as well as her ability to keep us in the loop in all aspects of the project. In short, she was a bright spot in an otherwise very challenging process. I thank you Denise and Mercury permits for all your help. I would highly recommend them unconditionally and without reservation.
— Steven Shuel, President – Oak Haven Massage

You’ve been a real gem to work with on my Dr. Wok restaurant tenant improvement project. I’ve retained a full head of a hair (since I haven’t “pulled it all out in trying to deal with the city”) and my sanity. Thank you, Thank you.
— Victoria Priesmeyer, EGP Enterprises – Austin, TX

I have been doing work with Denise Reid at Mercury Permits for several years. She has shown exemplary skill and knowledge in working with the City of Austin and expediting permitting for us in an efficient and timely manner. Denise is always professional and accessible to answers questions and assist us with our permitting needs. I recommend her highly and have enjoyed our working relationship.
— Larry Guthrie, President – J Grace inc.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards Denise Reid and the Mercury Permits staff for a job well done. Although it was no easy task, we got through review and into construction. Your knowledge of process and personnel is unmatched and helped us to open our dream. Thanks Again and we look forward to working with you in the future.
— Eric and Brain Jensen, Owners, Rita’s Italian Ices

We have worked with Denise Reid at Mercury Permits in Austin, Texas on a number of retail and Distribution Center projects over the years. She has done an excellent job for us and we continue to use her services to expedite our projects thru the City. Denise understands our Client’s sense of urgency and, most importantly, she looks for ways to work around the system to get our submittals processed.
— John McCutcheon, St. Louis, Missouri

Our company applies for many permits each year and never had we had such a hassle-free experience. You and your staff are experts in your field and your positive and personable attitude made working with your company a pleasure in 2010. We have already sought your help with two permits in January of 2011 and have several others ready to be submitted in the coming months.
— Mani Mashoon, Project Manager – ASC, Inc – Austin, TX

Working with Denise and her staff is truly an enjoyable experience. While Denise is highly tuned in to the municipal submittal process and procedures and most importandy, client satisfaction, she remains pleasant and composed at all times. Denise facilitates projects quickly and efficiendy. Her attention to detail and team approach, keeps this client coming back. Denise has an engaging personality, and the capacity to work with others towards a mutual goal. She is a delight to work with and her ethical standards are beyond reproach.
— Dave Zobrist, Dallas, TX

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Denise for several years now for expediting for various Clients throughout the State. Denise and Mercury always give each project their all, and are able to accomplish what seems like the impossible to get the job done every time
— Steven Pratt, Castles Design Group

Thanks to Denise Reid, President of Mercury Permits, who was not only helpful but pro-active in the early stages of our project by investigating some code concerns/questions that we had with the City of Austin. I really appreciate the efficiency and professionalism by which the project was handled.
— Richard Deras, S K and A, Inc – Helotes, TX

Our company, Taylor Associates – Architects, PC, has worked with Mercury Permits on several commercial project over the years. Mercury Permits (Denise Reid) is very professional and efficient in handling of each project and very knowledgable of the City of Austin’s requirements and procedures for obtaining building permits. I would highly recommend this company for your permitting needs.
— Lori Armstrong, Taylor Architects

We have used Mercury Permits to handle permit expediting for approximately five Panera Bread Bakery Cafes in the Austin and San Antonio markets. Because of all the difficult electrical, plumbing and occupancy issues inherent in a restaurant such as ours, permitting can be very difficult and time consuming. Since we started using Mercury Permits our permitting time and expenses have fallen dramatically. Time is money for us and Denise and her staff have delivered in spades. We believe that Mercury is far superior to all the other local permitting services we have used before. And whatever you do, don’t gamble your project permitting with an architect or out of town permitting service. They simply don’t have the understanding of the local procedures or have the relationships necessary to get the job done quickly or to argue important issues.
— John F. Audt, CEO, Texas Restaurant Group, Inc.

Denise Reid and her team at Mercury Permits are fabulous! Denise exhibits the “can do” attitude and when a barrier rises in the permitting process she works with parties on both sides of the aisle (municipality side & owner/designer side) to find a solution. I share the same pleasure of collaborating with her today as an architect as I did when I first met her over 10 years ago while I was a plans examiner for the City of Austin. Denise is dedicated to making the permitting process a success.
— Madhu Phillips, Austin, TX

We have used Mercury Permits for close to 10 years and they have always been prompt, professional and reliable. I recommend Mercury Permits to all of our clients..
— Brad Rich, San Antonio, TX

We at Warner Architectural Associates worked with Denise Reid on a project located in Austin. Denise’s professionalism and constant positive influence on the City made a difficult project into a smooth process for all involved
— Nate L. Warner, CFO – Warner Architectural Associates

Denise Reid and Mercury Permits responsiveness and innovative problem solving and approach to building officials has made them a trusted permit expediting service consultant. Their thorough knowledge of permitting processes, building code issues and contact base at the City of Austin and many cities surrounding the Austin area places them in a unique position of expertise that I have relied on for many years. I highly recommend Denise and Mercury Permits for any permit expediting need.
— Bobby Finta, SCI Design, LLC – Carrollton, TX

Mercury Permits has handled the permit expediting for every one of our Austin stores. In the past ten years Denise and her crew have acquired more commercial permits for Discount Electronics than I can count. They get the permits fast, know their way around the City of Austin permitting process and have very affordable rates. I could not imagine taking on a commercial remodel project in Austin that required permits without Mercury Permit Expediters. If you need help getting a commercial building permit in Austin, Texas Mercury Permits is the company to call.
— Rick Culleton, CEO – Discount Electronics

“I have worked with Denise Reid on several projects over the past couple of years. She is thorough, pays attention to detail, and is always willing to help address the challenges of difficult projects. I have worked with other permit expediting services, and have often found them lacking. Denise is very professional, and is proactive about following up on both current and proposed projects. I have never experienced this from other permit services. I highly recommend Denise Reid and Mercury Permits. They have served my clients well and I look forward to working with them on future projects.
— Don Leighton, Owner, DLB Architects

Denise has always been an asset during the permitting and construction process of the projects she handles for us. Mercury Permits Inc. goes above and beyond what is asked of them to expedite the permitting process.
— Craig Grona, Rampart Construction – Austin, TX

Denise Reid, with Mercury permits, has processed countless permits with the City of Austin. Ms. Reid has always exhibited a great deal of knowledge, in regards to City of Austin processes and code/ordinance requirements, allowing her to process permits quickly and smoothly. Commercial Plan Review staff consider Ms. Reid to be a true professional, and have tremendous confidence that the plans she submits are complete and accurate.
— J.B Meier, Chief Plans Examiner, City of Austin

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