:: Our Philosophy

TIMELINESS is of the utmost importance in our service, and we try to process all permits in the quickest and best possible manner. Contact our references – they will tell you that our quick response time to submittals, follow up for corrections and knowledge of the various departments helps get their permits faster and easier!

City Fees:

Plan review and Permit Fees to the cities are based on either construction costs or square footage, depending on the individual city requirements. We require a separate check for Plan Review city fees, and upon approval of the plans for the permit, a separate check made out to that city for the Permit fee.

Processing Fees:

Our fees are based on time and departments involved, and are due at the time the permit is delivered to the customer. A retainer is required to start work on a project. Services are based on an hourly rate. Approximate estimates can be given based on each particular project.

Denise Reid, President, Mercury Permits in Austin

Denise Reid, President

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